Meeting for Worship

Meeting for Worship

Our Meeting for Worship takes place at 10:30 a.m. every First Day (Sunday) morning. Meeting for Worship is the heart of Quakerism and the center of spiritual focus for Friends, as we come together in expectant waiting for guidance from the Divine source within. Our worship experience nurtures the bonds of community, helps speak to the needs of seekers, and gives rise to our testimonies and actions for peace, justice and other social concerns.

If you have never attended a Meeting for Worship in an unprogrammed Meeting such as Germantown, remember that you will not encounter pre-arranged, prayers, hymns, sermons or offerings. We gather in silence, in the Quaker belief that every human can be enabled to know God’s will directly, free of any ritual. The Inward Light, “that of God in everyone,” can be a source of grace and illumination, strengthening us in our lives and our relations with others.

During the service, an individual may feel a leading to rise and share a spiritual insight. Afterward, we return to silent reflection on what has been said. Other messages may follow. It is possible for a Meeting to pass entirely in silence; however, spirit-led vocal ministry, conveyed through Friends, is central to our corporate worship. No two meetings are ever the same.

Meeting for Worship lasts about an hour, and concludes when a designated person on the front bench shakes hands with his or her neighbor; all present then shake hands with their neighbors. After announcements, everyone is invited to stay for light refreshments and a social time.

For a helpful introduction to Meeting for Worship, see this video.


Child Care is provided for young children up to age 5 from 10:15 a.m. onward so that you may take them there before you enter Meeting. Click here for more information about childcare.

First-Day School (Sunday School) – This is offered for Children 5 and up. Children sit with their families in Meeting for the first 20 minutes; then leave with their teachers for their first-day group. Newcomers are welcome to accompany their children, and then return to Meeting for Worship. Click here for more information about First Day School.

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