Reaffirmation of Peace Testimony

Germantown Friends Meeting
Minute of Reaffirmation of Peace Testimony
March 8, 2018

It is with deep appreciation and love for all members of our school community that we, the members of the Religious Life Committee, remind everyone that Germantown Friends School is under the care of Germantown Monthly Meeting.

For generations, the Meeting and the school have faced a world beyond our walls marked by political upheaval, the pain and suffering of wars, and the many socioeconomic injustices of racism, inequity, and gender inequality. With the current state of our world and the rise of gun violence, we feel compelled to publicly recommit ourselves to the Truth of our shared values. As members of a loving community, we work hard to build relationships that allow us to know one another and support each other. We are committed to our belief in the power of love over hate and violence.

At GFS, we are all fortunate indeed to be guided by a long tradition of witnessing for peace and nonviolence. We are grateful to everyone in our community — student and adult — for standing firm in this commitment. This peace testimony is rooted in our belief in the essential nature of humankind and our unity of spirit: the infinite ocean of light and love, which flows over the ocean of darkness.

Our testimony to the world is about the caring relationships we cultivate daily and the way we engage with one another to promote the authentic understanding and respect that is foundational to creating peaceful and enduring solutions to today’s challenges. We hold each other in the Light knowing that standing together in support of peaceful resolution is the path forward.

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