Environmental Concerns 2017

Mission Statement: The GMM Environmental Concerns Working Group hopes to raise awareness of environmental issues that affect the lives of everyone and about which we can make a difference, and the importance of a sustainable lifestyle.

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Dec, 2017

We’re witnessing the fastest decline in Arctic sea ice in at least 1,500 years. Read a report card on Arctic warming.

A wind farm in Netherlands is being constructed without government subsidies.

Courtesy of Elon Musk, the world’s biggest battery is now in use in Australia to store backup power from solar and wind farms.

A UK company has a plan to install a huge solar farm without government subsidy.

Read an expert’s assessment of the effects of climate change.

Anthropogenic climate change has increased the number of big forest fires by increasing the aridity of the western USA.

Recent research predicts that global warming will tend to increase the number and strength of hurricanes.


Jul 9, 2017

The rate of sea-level rise is increasing.

Jerry Brown, governor of California, is organizing an international climate change summit meeting in Sept, 2018.

Electric cars are quickly becoming mainstream.

A flow battery has been developed for households to store solar energy.

Several countries including France plan to ban the sale of fossil-fueled cars.

Global coal production is in decline.

A forward-thinking city is installing LED streetlamps with electric car charging outlets.

The US gets at least 10 percent of its energy from wind and solar.

An electric train can be efficiently powered by supercapacitors.

Solar energy can efficiently power your air conditioning.

A recent article explains the concerns about hydrogen-powered cars.

The Dutch Lightyear One car is planned to have a 500 mile range.

Volvo says that all their models will be electric by 2019.

Read about the carbon footprint of the Tesla battery.

Apr 7, 2017

Over the last century, increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide have caused a 30% increase in the growth rate of plants.

Large sections of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef have died due to warming of the ocean.

Mar 13, 2017

Scientists rebuke EPA administrator on his view of climate change.

The recent extreme heat wave in southern Australia is linked to climate change

A recent news article and report show that February temperatures in the US are rising rapidly.

Jan 18, 2017

Temperatures for our planet for the last 3 years were the highest on record.

Jan 4, 2017

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) challenged the global warming pause. Now new research says the agency was right was correct when it said that there has been no slowing of the global warming trend.


Jan 2, 2017

China sees opportunity in climate change with ambitious environmental goals.

Portland OR has has banned new construction or expansion of fossil fuel facilities.

The EPA now agrees that fracking can pollute drinking water.

Canada’s oil sands may be removed from ExxonMobil’s oil reserves because of high overhead costs.

Activists continue to oppose several oil and gas pipelines around the country.

Solar is predicted to be cheaper than coal in a decade.

Temperature increase from climate change is increasing the intensity of rainfall and flash floods in humid regions of the US.

Climate change is increasing the length of the dry season in tropical regions.

Delays in implementing climate change targets may make the 2 deg C target unachievable.

Tesla solar roofing tiles will be cheaper than normal roofing.

A recent study suggests that Middle East and North Africa will soon have worsening climate effects.

Learn about carbon dioxide recapture at the Petra Nova power plant.

Read about the importance of putting people before nature.

Check out Drake Landing Solar Community with seasonal storage of solar energy.

Experts warn that the Carbon Bubble is one of the biggest threats to the global economy.

The UK will ban microbeads in 2017.

Learn why an oil giant has invested in offshore wind farms.

Check out the new micro electric car.

The zero waste movement is catching on.

Check out the Block Island wind farm.


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