Environmental Concerns 2014

Mission Statement: The GMM Environmental Concerns Working Group hopes to raise awareness of environmental issues that affect the lives of everyone and about which we can make a difference, and the importance of a sustainable lifestyle.

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Dec 27, 2014:

The UK, Germany, and Australia all lowered their emissions and energy use in 2014.

This was an epic year for drought, floods, and extreme weather.

A recent article describes the need for livelihood resilience in the face of climate change.

Read a report about the cost of fracking to Pennsylvania residents.

A recent article explains that vegetarian diets that improve health are linked to environmental sustainability. But Congress wants us to ignore this fact.

Cutting tropical forests is likely to cause global warming.

The risk of very hot summers is increasing dramatically.

Read about the likely affect of climate change on our lives.

Corporate and government leaders are pushing to slow cutting of rain forests.

This year the palm oil industry has committed to halting deforestation.

A recent research article explains that soil loss to lakes is increasing.

Recently, President Obama protected Alaska’s Bristol Bay, which supplies much of our wild-caught seafood, from oil and gas drilling.

Here’s why some people don’t believe in climate science.

In a major victory for the environment, Governor Cuomo has banned hydraulic fracking in New York State.

Read about some of the reasons it’s time to drive on solar power.


Oct 30, 2014:

A study projects that solar energy will be cheaper than fossil fuels by 2016.


Oct 8, 2014:

Read about how a fight over rooftop solar panels could decide US energy future.

A recent book asserts that fighting climate change means going on a different path from traditional capitalism.


Sept 24, 2014:

See how warming temperatures threaten Canadian Arctic.

See some reports from the Arctic on the effects of humans on climate.

See the TV series that explains climate change called Years of Living Dangerously.

Read articles on climate change.

Read an article that explains how we’re generating too much carbon dioxide.


Sept 21, 2014:

The People’s Climate March in New York City sent a loud statement.

Global emissions of greenhouse gases increased over the last year.


Sept 16, 2014:

Renewable energy from sun and wind is changing the German landscape leaving utilities behind.

A new report states that fixing the climate may add no costs because of savings from less environmental pollution, and less fuel and medical expenses..

A bill now in committee in Harrisburg would require the state Department of Health to collect, analyze, and circulate health data related to fracking.

The Pennsylvania Dept of Environmental Protection has released a report stating that 243 aquifers have been contaminated by fracking in Pennsylvania.


Sept 14, 2014:

The ozone layer in the upper atmosphere is recovering. Yet, this isn’t all good news: the HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons) that are now being used instead of chloro-fluorocarbons contribute to global warming.

Several consumer products are linked to illegal rainforest destruction.

A recent study showed that human land-use-driven reduction of forest volatiles cools the global climate.

A recent study found that pesticide levels in waterways have dropped overall, yet urban waterways remain polluted.


Aug 24, 2014:

The savings of grid-tied renewable power outweighs the costs.

Recently Ontario shut down its last coal burning power plant and generates all of its electricity from sustainable sources.

Learn about one woman’s odyssey to find Michigan’s anti-fracking movement.

Read about the new EPA regulations and community action that will deter oil refineries from polluting.

This year, 2014 is on track to be the third-hottest year on record.

Learn what the Earth would look like if all the ice melted.

Read about the seasonal aspects of climate change.

Read a study of the Keystone Pipeline’s impact on global greenhouse gas emissions and climate.


July 25, 2014:

This past June was the warmest on record.

Europe tops the energy efficiency list.

See how investment affects our energy future.

Climate change is linked to extreme weather events.

Sea level rise is linked to climate change.


June 15, 2014:

See an energy-efficient home.

Semi-arid ecosystems in the Southern Hemisphere may be largely responsible for changes in atmospheric CO2.

Appalachia is making a life after coal.

Ontario is officially coal-free!.


May 30, 2014:

Read about California’s plan to reduce carbon emissions by collecting fees to invest in green technologies.


May 14, 2014:

Concerns about California’s drought have shaped the debate in local communities towards limiting fracking.

Two recent reports explain that the west antarctica ice sheet is falling apart.


May 9, 2014:

President Obama announced measures to expand deployment of solar energy in private and public sectors.

The day is coming when solor-plus-battery systems will become cheaper than utility-sourced electricity.


May 6, 2014:

A recent report by the US government explains that people all over the country are experiencing the effects of climate change.


April 23, 2014:

Springtime is moving forward, in some places by 3 weeks over the last 100 years.


April 21, 2014:

Read about the drought in California’s farmlands.


April 17, 2014:

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) calls for action on climate now not later.

Oklahoma will charge customers who install their own panels.

California regulators decide utilities can’t charge solar-killing fees.

Read a description of the world’s first sustainable-certified palm oil cooperative.

Learn how wolves help trees grow, rivers flow, and many other species flourish.

Read about how no-till farming can be more sustainable.

With elevated CO2, desert regions become carbon sinks.


March 31, 2014:

A report by the United Nations explains that the worst of climate change is yet to come. See the reaction to the report.


February 21, 2014:

This winter was not as bad as you might think.


February 20, 2014:

Read a message from Al Gore: This is where the real work starts.

The best sustainable source of energy is energy efficiency.

“Organic” electricity may soon be the least expensive.

One of the Canary Islands has completely sustainable energy.

Read about how renewables power a small German village.

Transformation of electric power from fossil fuels to sustainable is an important step towards preventing climate change.

Google has moved one step closer to 100% powered by clean energy.

Obama requests new rules for cutting truck pollution.

The UK has more wind power than all other countries combined.

Why it’s a good idea to stop eating shrimp.

The fracking boom tin Texas releases toxic emissions into the atmosphere.


February 13, 2014:

Read an article that explains why methane leaks negate the climate benefits of vehicles that switch to natural gas.


February 11, 2014:

Presidents Hollande and Obama have issued a joint letter proposing to work together to combat climate change.

California pushes ahead with its plan to reduce carbon emissions.

The recent cold temperatures have frozen out the bigger picture.

The evidence suggests that climate change is likely to be a factor in the extreme weather and flooding that has occurred recently in the UK.

The impact of humans on the environment along with climate change is a mass extinction.


February 2, 2014:

Many people mistakenly assume that there is a plentiful supply of fossil fuels.


January 28, 2014:

Energy jobs in fossil fuels have been used to sell the Keystone XL pipeline to the public.

Canada has been lobbying the EU to drop the Fuel Quality Directive.

See an article that explains how warm days increase the belief in climate change.

Download and read a book that explains what we can and must do to stop climate change.


January 24, 2014:

Read an article on how no-till farming can help to slow climate change.

Kenya plans to generate at least half its electricity from solar by 2016.

See the latest passive house design: no concrete, no foam insulation.

China has added more solar capacity in 2013 than any other country ever.

California added more rooftop solar (1000 MW) in 2013 than the past 30 years combined.

The loss in arctic ice mirrors the ascent of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The Tesla electric car company is expanding its solar-powered network of charging stations.


January 9, 2014:

Read the news about the EPA study of fracking.

Climate change is supported 9000 to 1.

Read about the proposed changes to PA oil and gas regulations.

The Exxon pipeline repair plan gets an extension.

Read the news on the plans to export American oil.

India’s sulfur dioxide emissions from power plants are increasing.

See the Post Carbon Institute’s top initiatives over the last decade.

See the 2013 GreenPeace Year in Pictures.


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