Property Committee

Property Committee

Is in charge of maintaining the Meeting’s grounds, buildings and their contents, including all repairs and improvements. Considers minority and local contractors whenever possible. Arranges for care taking responsibilities, such as cleaning, openings and closings, mowing of both burial grounds. Under its care is the Burial Grounds Subcommittee, which is responsible for the assignment of graves, the upkeep of the burial grounds, and rules regarding burials. Also responsible for use of the rooms, deciding when it is suitable to allow outside groups to use of the Meeting House and social rooms.

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GERMANTOWN FRIENDS MEETINGHOUSE, 47 W Coulter Street; architects Sloan and Addison Hutton

Notice Grade level of exit carriage road with greater elevation, number of steps up to porch, carriage sheds at left rear, absence of committee room, spot above middle 2nd story window, hemlocks, drain in foreground, old meetinghouse (1812-1869) to right of present meetinghouse, near carriage road leading into present graveyard (acquired June 1859).

Ranges: for determining camera position: 4th front porch post and right side of front door; 5th side post and southwest corner of meetinghouse; slightly above elevation of meetinghouse porch; ratio of side projection to front projection – 38.7 : 61.3.

Photo: probably taken between Nov 10 and April 10 and between 1867 and 1869; source Stapeley Hall collection.

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