Environmental Concerns 2013

Mission Statement: The GMM Environmental Concerns Working Group hopes to raise awareness of environmental issues that affect the lives of everyone and about which we can make a difference, and the importance of a sustainable lifestyle.

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December 29, 2013:

Globalization has exported fossil fuel consumption around the world.

See a recent article showing that global warming is likely to continue even after stopping carbon dioxide emissions.

California is mandating battery storage for excess electricity.

Wind power developers have signed major new contracts for wind power.

Natural gas is increasing competition between nuclear and wind power.

Developers and ranchers debate mining and use of coal in eastern Wyoming and Montana.

See more news about biofuel made from jatropha.


December 15, 2013:

Genetic diversity in caribou can tell us which regions will experience the worst climate change.


November 15, 2013:

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Tennessee Valley Authority plans to close eight of its power plants that burn coal.

Wall Street is offering bonds backed by solar energy credits.


October 18, 2013:

See an article on the new Solana solar project that stores energy as heat.

Land owners in North Dakota are suing the oil companies that flare natural gas

A recent article explains how to calculate the year when global warming will exceed its historical variability.


September 22, 2013:

A recent article explains the renewable sources of energy are the least expensive when the social cost of carbon is included.

Read a recent comparison of biofuels and solar photovoltaic technology.

Although Arctic sea ice has not retreated as much as last year, the long term trend of open water in the Arctic is continuing.

See several recent articles about the planetary limits to population, the need to continue to search for better ways of interacting with the natural world, and the need for better government and social organization to cope with inevitable growth.

A recent research study suggests that , and a rebuttal of the study, explaining that it was mostly funded by the fracking industry.


September 18, 2013:

A recent article explains that climate change is not responsible for some extreme weather events.

The London array windmill farm has opened.

Japan recently shut down its last nuclear reactor.


August 18, 2013:

A recent study found that giant redwood trees are growing faster due to climate change.

Check out Montreal’s second rooftop farm.

See a recent article on advantages of passive solar houses.

See a critique of a recent film on nuclear power.

See a TED talk by Amory Lovins on practical business opportunities for saving money and energy, “Reinventing Fire”.

Read a recent paper describing what could be New York State’s sustainable energy policy.

Read a recent article explaining that your iPhone uses more electricity than your refrigerator.

Read a discussion of the evidence on climate change.


July 16, 2013:

Electric customers installed a record 391 megawatts with the help of the California Solar Initiative.

The best places for solar and wind power are not where you think.

Ideas for building a research base for sustainability.

Recent research forecasts heavy losses of common plants and animals due to climate change.

World Energy Outlook is publishing .

A recent article studies sources of atmospheric carbon dioxide in developed countries and sinks of carbon dioxide in forests.

Climate change in the Arctic is a growing concern.

Antarctic krill is at risk from ocean acidification.


July 3, 2013:

A recent article about bee deaths highlights the danger of pesticides for bees in our environment.

High schools are turning to solar power in a big way.

The USA added nearly 1 Gw of solar power this year.


June 4, 2013:

An article explains that 97% of published articles on climate change confirm it originates from humanity.

See a BBC video series on climate change: first video, second video, and third.

Climate change is predicted to increase variability of rainfall and change tropical tree cover.

Read the latest information on the decline in Arctic sea ice.

A recent article explains that women are taking the reins on new farms.

The cost of solar is dropping rapidly to approach coal and natural gas.

See a chart listing of efficiency breakthroughs in solar photovoltaic efficiencies.

Google is investing in the Makani wind turbine.


May 18, 2013:

The refining of oil sands tar in Detroit has generated a mountain of coke, a waste product.


May 15, 2013:

A recent NOAA study showed that carbon dioxide levels have passed 400 ppm.
See an interpretation of this milestone.


May 13, 2013:

Read a recent article about the estimates of temperature rise on Earth.


May 3, 2013:

A recent study showed that the ice in tropical glaciers lost 1600 years of ice in 25 years.


April 18, 2013:

Read about the most influential climate science paper today.


April 17, 2013:

Check out the Map of the Harmed by Fractracker.

Read about and comment on the disaster of oil spilling from a pipeline in Mayflower, AR.

Read about the cleanup of the Mayflower, AR oil spill.

A recent article explains that wind produces almost twice as much power as nuclear in California.

Read about how solar power may tend to degrade the profitability of the electric utility grid.

A recent article explores the issue of integrating distributed solar energy with the utility network.

Read about unlocking the power of the Open Energy Network (OEN).


April 9, 2013:

Read about how a California town is converting to solar energy.


March 28, 2013:

Read an opinion article about life after oil and gas.

See an article that reports Greenland is tomato and strawberry country.

Read an optimisic opinion on the sustainable climate movement.

See a recent article on the world’s largest solar thermal electric plant.


March 20, 2013:

Read a recent article that explains why greenhouse gas emissions in the US have recently dropped.

A report from the National Research Council explains that with alternative fuels we could halve use of oil and gas by 2030 in vehicles.


March 4, 2013:

Read the report on the effect of climate change on Australia’s Angry Summer.

Learn about how erupting volcanoes offset recent Earth warming.

Read the Post Carbon Institute’s report on why fracked gas won’t solve the energy crunch.


February 22, 2013:

Read about how Honda is funding home solar installations for customers and dealerships.


February 12, 2013:

A recent study showed that in the winter, cities can warm regions up to 1000 miles away.

Read about how much wind power is available low and high in the atmosphere.


February 4, 2013:

Read about why waste water from fracking could be too much to handle.

See a recent article that describes oil reserves in California that will be accessible through fracking.

Read about concerns in the Colorado mountains about a coming oil boom.


February 1, 2013:

See an article describing Steven Chu’s tenure as Energy Secretary, and his summary of our progress and challenges in energy.

Read a recent article describing how the ozone hole over Antarctica is causing continuing long-term effects in weather patterns.

Read in a small-town Pennsylvania newspaper about radium contamination in fracking flowback water. Read another in the series. Read about who is in charge.


Jan 26, 2013:

A recent study shows that the Greenland ice cap survived a warmer climate 120,000 years ago.

See a recent article about ice melting in the Andes Mountains and in Antarctica.


Jan 21, 2013:

See why fracking for oil and gas won’t solve the fossil fuel problem.

Check out the Post Carbon Institute, a reliable source of information on energy and global warming.


Jan 18, 2013:

The Interior Department will issue new rules for hydraulic fracking in oil and gas drilling, requiring disclosure of the chemicals used.

Check out the big award received by the hydraulic fracking oil and gas drilling industry in Pennsylvania.

A recent study found that forests damaged by pine beetles allow smaller trees to grow, which prevents loss of nutrients to water runoff.

Read an article that describes unhealthy air pollution in hundreds of Asian cities.


Jan 15, 2013:

The National Climate Assessment and Development Advisory Committee” (NCADAC) released a report that documents climate change as a major challenge for our society. The report asks for comments, up to April 12, 2013.

According to a recent study black soot from diesel engines and cook stoves is an important source of global warming.


Jan 10, 2013:

Read about the frequent and extreme weather events around the world in 2012.

A recent study of methane emissions from fracking in Utah found 9% leakage.


Jan 8, 2013:

See the report: 2012 was the hottest year on record in the US. See the numbers here.

Learn about phthalates, plastic additives that contaminate our environment and our bodies.

See a slide show of photos of some marcellus shale well-pads.

See a review of the anti-fracking movie Promised Land.

A recent article analyzes whether natural gas is suited to be a “bridge fuel” to other alternative sources of energy. The answer? Supplies of natural gas won’t last long enough.

See A Student’s Guide to Climate Change at the EPA.

A recent study discusses the effects of biofuel production on the atmosphere.

A recent article explains that the oil sand industry in Canada releases carcinogens into the environment. See it on NPR.


Jan 3, 2013:

See the news that Warren Buffet buys a big solar PV project.

In a last-minute move, Congress extended the wind energy credit for another year.


Jan 1, 2013:

A recent article shows that as sea ice gets thinner, more sunlight is absorbed.

Read the Atlas of Health and Climate by WHO.


Dec 26, 2012:

Global warming driven by rising greenhouse gas emissions is expected to cause the Southwestern US to get much drier, with reduced availability of surface water.

A recent article explains how researchers in New Mexico are studying tree death caused by global warming.

See the predicted consequences of climate change for forest ecosystems worldwide.

A recent article interprets trade-related CO2 emission deficits.

An energy expert predicts that oil production will start declining in 2015.


Dec 23, 2012:

A recent research article shows that Antarctica is among the most rapidly warming regions on Earth.

Read a recently published book called Clean break: The Story of Germany’s Energy Transformation and What Americans Can Learn from It.


Dec 20, 2012:

Read an essay about the irresponsible monitoring of pollution from oil extraction in the tar sands of Alberta.

Learn about the lawsuit from the Center for Sustainable Economy to slow offshore oil and gas development.


Dec 19, 2012:

A study predicts the limit on carbon emission levels necessary to limit temperature change to 2 deg C by 2020.

A recent study shows that mega-cities are responsible for most global greenhouse-gas emissions.

See an editorial that explains why carbon capture and storage are one hope for preventing climate change.

Help to stop climate change with Global Power Shift.

See the latest report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, showing further global warming during November 2012.


Dec 14, 2012:

More than 100 physicians urge President Obama to halt rush to expand facilities for exporting shale gas from fracking.

See a summary of why climate deniers have no credibility.

See the video of the largest ice break-up ever filmed.

A recent article explains why renewable energy will provide the best jobs and quality of life.


Dec 12, 2012:

Residential installations of solar photovoltaic panels reached a new record high this year.

A recent article explains that the US Department of Energy will underwrite several new wind energy projects. See the US Dept of Energy announcement.


Dec 9, 2012:

See the dangers of methane released into the atmosphere caused by fracking near old abandoned oil and gas wells.

Read an article on one homeowner’s struggle to stay healthy next to a fracking well.

Learn why jobs due to fracking have been overestimated.

See a map of Pennsylvania’s fracking sites.

See an article describing the risks involved in the use of Roundup, the most widely used weed killer in the world, and GM Roundup-tolerant seeds. See the original research article, and a rebuttal of criticisms of the study.


Dec 6, 2012:

Read an open letter to President Obama about leadership to prevent climate change.

According to the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) the arctic is warming much faster now that ocean ice and snow cover are at record lows.

Climate and energy experts at Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) have crafted a groundbreaking proposal that will curb emissions from hundreds of existing power plants while creating many new jobs.

A recent study found hazardous levels of organic chemicals, including those those that affect the endocrine system, in the air near gas well fracking sites.

A consensus has been reached about the CO2 emissions caused by deforestation in tropical forests. Yet the rate of deforestation in Brazilian jungles has dropped.

A recent article explains that cheatgrass, an invasive grass in the western US, burns more rapidly than other grasses and is responsible for many of the recent wildfires.
See the scientific report.


Dec 5, 2012:

See a recent summary of the Human Rights perspective on the Doha Conference and an explanation about why advocating fracking is “greenwashing” fossil fuel use.

To help fight climate change, students at many colleges are demanding that the endowment funds get out of coal, oil, and gas stocks.


Dec 3, 2012:

Carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere reached a new high level in 2011, making it less likely that our planet can keep below a 2 deg C rise in average temperature.

A recent article explains that the Doha conference in Qatar has a tremendous challenge ahead to forge an agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions.


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