Environmental Concerns

Mission Statement: The GMM Environmental Concerns Working Group hopes to raise awareness of environmental issues that affect the lives of everyone and about which we can make a difference, and the importance of a sustainable lifestyle.

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Some slide shows about environmental issues:

Sustainable Solar
What is Our Carbon Footprint?
Home Energy Use
GMM Old Tennis Court Farm


Links to lists of top environmental blogs:

Top environmental blogs
New York times Green Blogs
The Environmental Blog
Nature News Blog
World Energy Outlook
Nature Climate Change
Mother Nature Network
Climate Reality Project
Inside Climate News
Global Climate News
State Impact at NPR
DeSmog Blog for all aspects of climate
National Climatic Data Center
EPA Climate Change
GreenPeace Climate Change
NASA Climate Change
Good Planet
WHO Climate Change
Center for Sustainable Economy
Post Carbon Institute

Some environment blogs for Philadelphia:

Protecting Our Waters
Philadelphia Green
Green Philly
Earth to Philly
Green Living
Green Philly Blog
Urban Environment


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